Everyone needs a Hero.

Hero Film Festival & Awards recognizes visionaries who use their filmmaking voice to forge new pathways through the human condition. This non-traditional film festival and awards competition accepts entries from around the world with a welcoming spirit and the drive to bring acclaim to those voices that need to be heard.

As the film festival landscape is vast, Hero Film Festival & Awards maintains the utmost of integrity in this niche approach to jury selection and film recognition. Our primary goal is differentiation of films with a conscience, those shining a spotlight on extraordinary people and their heroism. In turn, Hero Film Festival & Awards boosts industry professionals behind these scenes through credibility and the motivation publicity brings.

Of course, Hero Film Festival & Awards is not just about heroic depictions and stories that challenge the next generation. HFF also shines a light on talented producers, directors, actors and other talent making their mark through high quality productions.

Hero Film Festival & Awards provides impressive films with early press recognition, advocacy group pairing and promotion to industry contacts. Pop-up events and digital screenings invite the general public, real heroes, advocacy groups, press and distributors to view winning entries and engage with the filmmakers.