HFFA Spotlight: Fraser Syndrome & Me

In consideration of the film Fraser Syndrome & Me, meet Kyle Anne Grendys, a 26-year old graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. But Grendys is unique among filmmakers and storytellers. In fact, she is unique among most of the population of this planet, being one in only 75 people with a medical condition known as Fraser Syndrome.

So how does one cope with knowing you occupy a demographic so underrepresented in the world? Do you live in fear of your condition? Or do you take life by the reigns and seize your moment to learn and live as one of the most unique people walking Earth?

Fraser Syndrome & Me | Poster | Hero Film Festival & Awards | HeroFilmFest.org
Kyle Anne Grendys | © Kyle Anne Grendys | Used with permission

Grendys chose to be someone who lives under a sense of "carpe diem." She has seized her condition not as a lot in life, but as what makes her and others with Fraser Syndrome so unique. At the same time, she heroically shows her humanity and passion in a creative manner that marks her film as a lesson for us all.

Isn't that what heroes do?

Learn more about this amazing young woman, her condition and how she sees life, art and the filmmaking process in Roulez Magazine. Nicholas Crawford explores all of these aspects of the filmmaker and Fraser Syndrome & Me.