Jury Selection

The Official Jury of Hero Film Festival & Awards is one of the differentiating factors of our event. In tribute to the nature of our awards and applicable subject matter, we look to the following people as our jurors:

Members of the Armed Forces
Law enforcement officers
Advocates and advocacy groups
Organizational leaders across healthcare and other industries
True crime survivors
Members of the film industry
Known celebrities and cause leaders

Members of the media
Subject matter experts

Our Screening Audience

As with our jury selection, we take screenings very seriously. Whether your winning film screens online or in a theater, we look to the above groups for esteemed individuals in attendance.

Whenever possible, we also use our 35-plus years of marketing executive leadership, marketing agency and filmmaking experience to promote your film to applicable advocacy groups, both for attendance of your screening and potential partnership for promotion of your film.

Expected attendance for the 2020 HFFA film festival is 600 guests per screening. Learn about our screening theaters, Naro Cinema and Fort Monroe Theater (details coming soon).