HFFA Spotlight: Elephant in the Room

As we do here for the Absolution Films narrative feature film The Elephant in the Room, Roulez Magazine now spotlights some of the submissions to Hero Film Festival & Awards. You can read HFFA Co-Director Nicholas Crawford's article there or check out a paraphrased excerpt, below. Join us in the coming weeks as Roulez Magazine continues this new series about inspiring films and the people who make them.

Written by Bonnie Freeman, who sadly passed away before the film's completion, The Elephant in the Room explores multiple sides of palliative care relationships. Tamir Gedalia, producer of The Elephant in the Room and founder of Absolution Films, sought to submit the narrative feature to HFFA "in recognition of medical care professionals who give so much of themselves every day." Niko Vitacco supported this effort to underline how "palliative care professionals show deep compassion, selflessness and resilience for their patients, the families and even each other."

The Elephant in the Room focuses on a comical male nurse's experiences and how he cares for terminally ill patients, albeit unconventionally. One tough patient in particular challenges this character in his own way.

As a nurse practitioner of a palliative care team, Freeman pulled from real-life experiences to create this authentic portrait of medical professionals and the people for whom they provide end-of-life comfort.