HFFA Spotlight: Ōnda

Once again, Hero Film Festival & Awards' Nicholas Crawford writes about one of the submitted films of HFFA's quarterly competition, Ōnda. That Roulez Magazine interview of the filmmaker is available or you can learn a little bit more about the film here.

Filmmaker John Swanson of Hamilton, Ohio, also a career employee of Ford Motor Company, lost a friend and coworker to suicide several years ago. This loss inspired him to consider the subject of suicide more deeply, particularly how these deaths occur so frequently among veterans of our armed forces.

Through his film, Swanson hopes to encourage others to think about the veterans they know or encounter, to thank them for their service and provide the service many of these patriots need, in return.


Of the veterans in our country and fictional ones depicted in his film, Swanson asks, "What greater hero is there than one who willingly spends a lifetime serving strangers?" Read Nicholas Crawford's conversation with the filmmaker of Ōnda in Roulez Magazine.