HFFA Spotlight: The Tortoise Whisperer

For this first week of July 2019 and the first quarterly HFFA competition, Hero Film Festival & Awards' Nicholas Crawford writes about one of the festival's submitted films, The Tortoise Whisperer. That Roulez Magazine interview of the filmmaker is available or you can learn a little bit more about the film here.

It seems most documentary films about animals focus on giant creatures of Africa, deep sea mammals or the cuddliest of cuties. But The Tortoise Whisperer focuses instead on endangered California tortoises capable of growing to over 100 pounds. Really, the short film portrays the tortoise hatchlings' caregiver, Kevin Proulx and the thankless role he plays in ensuring this species continues to thrive as it should. Through the filmmaker's eyes, we learn how heroes are sometimes simply people doing what they feel called to do, something they enjoy.

Check out Nicholas Crawford's Roulez Magazine interview with Peripheral Vistas film director Chuck Coleman to learn more about this endearing project and the story it tells.

Film poster from The Tortoise Whisperer. | © Peripheral Vistas | Used with permission