HFFA Spotlight: Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods | Film Poster | Hero Film Festival & Awards | HeroFilmFest.org

Nicholas Crawford of Hero Film Festival & Awards, also Creative Director of Roulez Media, talks to Tyler Jones about his short film "Out of the Woods." You can read about the film below or find Nick's full article in Roulez Magazine.

Out of the Woods is a uniquely creative concept for a film. It combines the folklore and mythology of Bigfoot with a sort of Freudian or Mary Shelley-esque spin. The film explores a diagnosis of Shy Cryptid Syndrome suffered by the one and only highly evasive, forest-dwelling, hairy beast called Bigfoot.

So who is the hero of this film? Perhaps it is the filmmaker, for exploring the topic and conditional sufferings of social anxiety. Possibly heroic are the characters around Bigfoot, those helping him learn life lessons for a more fulfilling and less anxiety-ridden future. Or maybe it is Bigfoot, himself, who walks into our hearts and minds as a giant teddy bear just trying to make it out there, given the restrictions, trials and tribulations of social anxiety disorder.

Whoever the hero is in your eyes, walk for some time in these giant footprints. In the process, you can learn more about yourself, people you know who suffer anxiety and that elusive hairy guy who proves a bit more shy and a lot more like the rest of us. Learn more about Out of the Woods and filmmaker Tyler Jones in Roulez Magazine.