HFFA Spotlight: Saved – Escape from Kim’s Regime

Saved - Escape From Kim's Regime | Film Poster | Hero Film Festival & Awards | HeroFilmFest.org

In America, we complain so much about our situations and circumstances. Yet we know so little of true oppression, the type of oppression that exists in places like North Korea. We cannot walk a day in a North Korean's shoes, taking in the daily strife that exists under Kim's regime. But we can look into this reality through the eyes of refugees and the people who save them.

This glimpse beyond borders comes through director Thea Elisabeth Haavet's lens. She uses the power of film as the proverbial unflinching documentarian, capturing the plight of North Korean escapees and the people who rescue them.

Through Haavet and her film Saved - Escape from Kim's Regime, learn about real heroes on the ground working to feed, advocate for and shuttle North Koreans to hopeful safety through a modern underground railroad. One such hero, humanitarian Tim Peters, has dedicated his life to this important cause.

Anyone who experiences the struggles of oppression hopes for an advocate like Tim Peters. Through Haavet's important film, we can all witness how freedom can break through the highest walls and most heavily armed borders, with the right help. Learn more about Thea Haavet, Tim Peters and Saved - Escape from Kim's Regime through Nicholas Crawford's article in Roulez Magazine.