Youre Going to Ruin His Life Film Poster | Hero Film Festival & Awards |

You're Going to Ruin His Life

Filmmaker Lauren James answers HFFA's Nicholas Crawford's questions about the creative process behind You're Going to Ruin His Life, as well as the inspiration for this provocative experimental short film. Both timely and edgy, the film packs a lot of punch in its time on screen.

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Film poster from The Tortoise Whisperer. | © Peripheral Vistas | Used with permission

The Tortoise Whisperer

For the first week of July 2019, HFFA's Nicholas Crawford spotlights an inspiring documentary short film by Chuck Coleman of Peripheral Vistas Productions. The film portrays subject Kevin Proulx and his care of endangered California tortoises.

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"Ōnda" | © Lohengrin Productions | Hero Film Festival and Awards Spotlight


Once again, Hero Film Festival & Awards' Nicholas Crawford writes about one of the submitted films of HFFA's quarterly competition, Ōnda. This narrative short film focuses on the issue of veteran suicide in response to the filmmaker's own untimely loss of a friend and coworker.

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Poster for "When All That's Left Is Love" | © Eric Gordon | Used with permission

When All That's Left Is Love

This week we spotlight filmmaker Eric Gordon's poignant documentary portrait of a family providing care for their loved one with Alzheimer's disease, When All That's Left Is Love. But these people are not just the subjects of his film. They are his own parents.

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Film poster for "The Elephant in the Room" | © Absolution Films | Used with permission. | Hero Film Fest & Awards |

The Elephant in the Room

Written by Bonnie Freeman, who sadly passed away before the film's completion, The Elephant in the Room is a narrative feature film exploring multiple sides of palliative care relationships.

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