HFFA Spotlight: When All That’s Left Is Love

Film Poster for "When All That's Left Is Love" | © Eric Gordon | Used with permission

This week we spotlight filmmaker Eric Gordon's poignant feature documentary portrait of a family providing care for their loved one with Alzheimer's disease, When All That's Left Is Love. But these people are not just the subjects of his film. They are his own parents.

Despite being so close to the story, Eric captured heartbreaks, setbacks, tenderness and victories typical to this type of journey. He used footage from days gone by in combination with present imagery to tell the enduring love story of his parents from their early days through this tragic end after 57 years of marriage.

The film is a touching depiction of Marilyn Gordon's heroic love for her husband. But one of the most remarkable facets of this submission is the filmmaker's lack of awareness that he is one of the heroes, too.

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